Albena Baeva


Artwork description

Suitcase[, 0 ]][, [ 1 , 2 ], [ 3 , 4 ]][, [ 5 , 6 ]];\n\n
I found the center of the suitcase and stuck my hand out, inviting the wind to pass through me and create sound in the new world.\n\n
The suitcase vibrates\n\n
And suddenly two large balloons float into view\n\n
One is full of fruit\n\n
The other with nuts and bolts\n\n
That is how I felt at first\n\n
Like I was dreaming

text generated with GPT-2, custom dataset, 2021

part of Trust Territories, credits: Pink and Gold Trumpet by Oberon

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About the artist

I’m digital artist, producer and curator at gallery Gallery and the AR sculpture park Ploshtadka in Sofia. In my works for gallery and public spaces, theatre and dance performances I use ai, ml, AR, and creative coding.