Pandora's Snatch

Meredith Drum


Artwork description

Pandora’s Snatch is meant to be opened by the Prometheus statue in Rockefeller center, NYC. The project reframes the myth linking the two: When Prometheus gave fire to men on earth, Zeus was angry. In vengeance, Zeus created the first woman, and sent her with a jar full of trouble. But Pandora brought the cycles of life and death and the promise of a beginning wherever there is an end. Pandora is all-gifted, the first woman of earth and water, she-who-sends-up-gifts-and-vengeance.

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About the artist

Meredith Drum is an interdisciplinary artist working with video, animation, installation, augmented reality, and various modes of public participation. She is influenced by cinema history, climate justice, swimming in the ocean, feminism, multispecies anthropology,  cultural studies, walking in the woods, science fiction, riding bikes with loved ones, contemporary visual culture, and her family, friends, and cats.