what if we kissed in free free palestine

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what if we kissed in free free palestine
please stop bombing people
It'd be a lot less cringe if U didnt suport warcrimes
Collective Punishment is a warcrime
I cant wait to hear the lies u will tell about what side of history u find yourself tomorrow
u look so cute when u stand up against apartheid

Polite Anti War Messages to bring to a demo



Artwork description

Polite Anti War Messages to bring to a demo are a brief collection of sentences you might want to share to people in positions of power currently supporting or ignoring the genocide in Gaza 2023.

Sometimes its easier for people to rectify their positions if we create space for the lie that their transgressions are done in ignorance instead of ideology.

About the artist

Esben Holk is a digital artist, excavator and programmer based in Berlin. Their practice encompasses creative code, performance and digital collage, and produces rhizomatic worlds out of 3D graphics, esoteric systems and soft queer dreams of virtuality. They Work in the collectives Inkubator Collective, www.play4usnow.com and HOUSE OF KILLING and exhibit off- and online across platforms such as Transmediale, Die Digitale Festival, Arebyte on Screen and Gallery Panke.  “Didn’t I tell you I was content redistribution?”, they whispered and continued a stream of incessant pop-cultural reference, digital content and a naive utopian faith in the revolutionary agency of our hybridized digital queer bodies. xoxo oo