Vulture Veneration

Meredith Drum


This artwork is site-specific.

Go to the location shown on the map in order to experience it in AR.

Artwork description

Vultures, abominated and venerated by human civilizations across histories and geographies for consuming and cleaning the dead, are the only animals on our planet who can digest diseased carrion without getting sick and without spreading sickness to others thanks to the powerfully corrosive quality of their stomach acids. Vulture Veneration is a sacred space to honor our agents of life beyond death, a space where visitors may recognize, measure, and prepare.

About the artist

Meredith Drum is an interdisciplinary artist working with video, animation, installation, augmented reality, and various modes of public participation. She is influenced by cinema history, climate justice, swimming in the ocean, feminism, multispecies anthropology,  cultural studies, walking in the woods, science fiction, riding bikes with loved ones, contemporary visual culture, and her family, friends, and cats.