Tamas Pall


Artwork description

ovo/\map is an augmented reality sculptural map that is part of OVO, an ongoing artistic research project exploring the mechanics of world-building. OVO’s world unfolds in three acts, over the period of one month, scattered through three locations including panke.gallery Berlin, tranzit Budapest and a forest swamp in Csongrád, Hungary. ovo/\map, as the first iteration of the world-building project, serves as a temporary afunctional map for the world of OVO.

About the artist

TAMÁS  PÁLL  is  a  researcher,  game  designer  and  developer  working  in  Budapest  and  Berlin.  His  works  and  collaborations  have  been  showcased  at  The  Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Panke Gallery, Berlin; Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Trafó  House  of  Contemporary  Arts,  Budapest;  Transmediale,  Berlin;  MeetFactory,  Prague.  He  is  a  co-founder  of  the  Rites  Network  art  collective  and  the  Hollow.Systems  artist  group.  His  research  and  artistic  focus  is  on  worldbuilding, and his methodology stems from the exploration of emergent world-systems,  non-human  technologies,  performative  spaces  and  experimental  role-playing. Páll is a PhD candidate at the University of Applied Arts Vienna’s Artistic Research programme, where he explores new forms of collective world-building and computational  simulation  as  a  prefigurative  practice  via  extending  and  testing  the  concept of Xenoreality. Since 2018 he participated in a number of group residencies with his collaborative works in Prague at MeetFactory, Divadlo X10 and Neiro; in Berlin at Trust, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin and Montag Modus; and in Budapest at SIN Production, AQB Project Space amongst others, and received grants for his group based projects from Goethe Institut, iPortunus (Creative Europe) and Visegrad Fund.