Pepe Blob Fresco Full Body 45 PCE

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Pepe Blob Fresco Full Body 45 PCE
Stonks Full Buff Body 30 PCE
Pepe Full Blob Body 15 PCE

Augmented Archeology



Artwork description

Augmented Archeology is the study of human history post current era through the excavation of pixelated reality augmentations and the analysis of GLB artefacts. Uncovered 21 PCE, the Tempelhofer Cybernetic Meadow is the primary site for Augmented Archeology Research and GLB Preservation. It has, since the discovery of the first OBJ Carving, unveiled artefacts and idols that tell a story of soon-to-be ancient digital culture that centers around shared memetic recognition and dankness. 

Object description

180cm, 170cm, 102cm

Blessed Idol - Doge Detail

GLB Object, condition: semi pixelated, shiny

About the artist

Esben Holk is a digital artist, excavator and programmer based in Berlin. Their practice encompasses creative code, performance and digital collage, and produces rhizomatic worlds out of 3D graphics, esoteric systems and soft queer dreams of virtuality. They Work in the collectives Inkubator Collective, and HOUSE OF KILLING and exhibit off- and online across platforms such as Transmediale, Die Digitale Festival, Arebyte on Screen and Gallery Panke.  “Didn’t I tell you I was content redistribution?”, they whispered and continued a stream of incessant pop-cultural reference, digital content and a naive utopian faith in the revolutionary agency of our hybridized digital queer bodies. xoxo oo