Getting started

How to registerHow to add an artworkHow to curate an exhibitionHow to start a collection

How the platform works

Browsing and exploring

You have unrestricted access to explore exhibitions, artworks, and artists without having to register. openAR allows you to freely distribute your art, while exhibition visitors can seamlessly experience the showcased artworks.

Contributing and managing artworks

If you decide to contribute by adding artwork to the platform, you will need to register. You don't need any form of invitation, just sign up to start contributing your creations to the openAR community.

Collecting and selling (legacy feature)

For those interested in collecting or selling artworks on the platform, the process is administered through a crypto-wallet. This legacy feature manages transactions related to collecting and selling artwork. While this may seem complex, our help pages provide detailed instructions to guide you through the process.

Getting started

Our help pages provide comprehensive details on each step of the process to ensure a seamless and enriching experience on openAR.