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About openAR

openAR is the world's first cooperative platform for digital artists explicitly designed to help all artists prosper. It is founded on three principles:

1. Open. Our platform aims to be fully transparent. There are no fees or gatekeepers – anyone can sign up and showcase their art in the spot.

2. Cooperative. openAR is a non-for-profit undertaking. 15% of every selling will be retained by the platform. This percentage will be used in parts to secure the operation and maintanance of the platform. Remaining funds will be rewarded to the community – in form of cooperatively distributed renumeration, curatorial funds or other community supporting initiatives. Every user of openAR becomes a member of the community. Depending on their activity they will take up different roles – such as artist, curator, collector or reviewer. Your can find more information on the respective pages.

3. Curated. We believe that art requires context to be meaningful. Digital platforms have the tendency to overflow with content. Rather than navigating this content with a biased algorithm we trust the expertise of human curators. Curators traditionally surface and create meaningful connections between artworks to help audiences understand their importance in context. openAR democratizes this role by allowing anyone to create an exhibition and share it with the world via the frontpage.

How this platform works

You can browse exhibitions, artworks and artists without any form of registration. To start collecting and contributing to our platform you need to register through a crypto wallet. This sounds more complicated as it is, please refer to our help pages for details: