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How to add an artwork

How to add a walletHow to start a collection

Anybody can become a creator on openAR by uploading their work to the platform. You do not need an invitation to become a creator. However, you will need to connect and set up your MetaMask wallet and create an artist profile to upload and publish your artwork and mint it as a NFT.

You can either publish your artwork on the platform without the option of selling it or mint it as an NFT (meaning your artwork is transferred to IPFS, a decentralized peer-to-peer storage network), set a price in xDai and list it for sale on openAR.

How to publish artworks and mint them as NFT

If you want to publish your artwork or mint it and sell it as an NFT, please follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Note: Make sure you have set up your wallet and created your profile beforehand.

  • Complete your profile (a valid email address and accepted Terms of Service are mandatory to create an artwork)
  • Fill out the information about your artwork (title, description)
  • Upload your augmented reality artwork in the USDZ and GLB format of a size no larger than 20MB
  • Upload a preview thumbnail for your artwork (jpg or png) publish

Optionally, you can now mint your artwork as an NFT and sell it on the openAR platform.

  • Make sure the metadata/information are filled out correctly as changing it afterwards will cost you transaction fees
  • Select ‘edit artwork’
  • Select ‘minting’
  • Decide on the price of the artwork and size of the edition (note: you will not be able to change this information after minting it)

Important note: You do not need to pay fees for minting the artworks and listing them, but will be charged transaction fees to make changes on your NFT. If you want to delete/burn an NFT that is minted, please contact our admin: