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How to add a wallet

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Connecting your Wallet:

In order to participate as a creator, curator or collector on the platform, you must connect to a browser extension called MetaMask. MetaMask is an electronic wallet which allows you to purchase, store, and engage in transactions using the native Ethereum cryptocurrency ETH and other Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies.

On the startpage select ‘login’ then ‘wallet connect’ and choose ‘MetaMask’ (install the browser-plug-in or download the metamask app on your phone). For instructions on how to set up your wallet, go to the MetaMask website.

Set up MetaMask for xDai

All transactions on openAR are in the stable native coin xDai, based on the Ethereum-based stable EVM chain. You thus need to set up your MetaMask for xDai.

Setting up MetaMask for xDai on your desktop browser:

The default network setting on MetaMask is for Ether (‘Main Ethereum Network’). To change it to xDai, open Metamask, click on the Network dropdown and select ‘xDai’. MetaMask will ask for approval to add the xDai. For troubleshooting and manual instructions see:

Setting up MetaMask for xDai on your mobile phone:

From tap login then from the options that appear tap ‘wallet connect’ then tap ‘Metamask’ (make sure to download and login to the MetaMask app on your phone) Note: Make sure that you have set the xDai chain as your default network on your metamask wallet in the metamask app. To set the xDai chain as your default network tap the menu icon, select ‘Settings’ then ‘Networks’ and ‘Add Network’, then enter in the following information and select ‘Add’:

Network Name: xDai
Chain ID: 0x64
Symbol: xDai
Block Explorer URL: